Enthusiasm is key

Caring about what you do makes it fun and easier to do it. Is that why I’m so ambivalent about my new/next project? Nominees for the Room of Stupid, none today, but I’ll probably have a few by the time I get in this evening. I would nominate the Alabama governor for his recent remarks but I didn’t expect much from him anyhow. Lethargy and disinterest do not bode well for any project, but dough is dough so off I go.

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Rain rain go away

Nothing running around in the noggin today, cept’ wondering what Leno ever did to Stern? Run over his dog? Cause Howard sure doesn’t like him. At all. And when will they shoot Real Housewives of Atlanta and put them out of our misery? PS Jay Cutler is an ass? Is that a newsflash? Does anyone outside of Chicago or Denver care? Taking nominations for the Room of Stupid. The Room of Stupid you say, what is that? Well boys and girls the Room of Stupid is just that. A room filled with people who do stupid things. Populated by famous or infamous people who have done something REAAAAALYYYYY stupid and have to go sit with others of their ilk lest they lower the general populace’s IQ. No one yet, but the day is still young.

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Oh look, another blog! How unique (insert sarcasm here)

Why not? I have opinions, just as everyone else does. Why shouldn’t I use cyberspace to vent and share them. Anywho, from time to time as the voices in my head (see more witty humor) talk, I will share what they said in commentary on any darn thing I want to.

Today I want to know this–why the hell are we STILL listening to Dick Cheney? Hasn’t he used up his 9 lives? Didn’t Dorian Gray repossess the painting already? Go away Dick, aren’t the Nigerians looking for you? Gheez!

Weather in the northeast-wet, snow, rain. Yet people are surprised. You live in New Jersey, it gets cold here and it snows. We call it winter. If you want bugs the size of dishware, snakes, alligators and snakes, move to Florida. I’ll help you pack so I don’t have to listen to the whining.

Final thought-if you are on tv in a “reality” show, (1) Your real life is messed up bad, (2) You are NOT a tv star. You are dysfunctional. Big difference.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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